This virus has radically changed the lives of so many people on earth and they found themselves in a completely new situation.

Viruses are the tools of Karma, with the help of these tools Karma regulates mass processes in people’s lives, creating a new reality.

Any situation in which a person finds oneself must teach one something. What should this new reality teach people?

People are very unhappy, but they want to be happy. In their understanding, happiness is when there is a lot of everything: a lot of money, a lot of things, a lot of food, a lot of pleasures and a lot of everything else. Therefore, the easiest way to become happy is to consume more. Even psychologists say that for most people shopping is a way to find happiness. People experience almost an orgasm in the buying process.

People live in a consumer society, where the main goal is the constant search for pleasures in life, as well as the endless consumption of goods and services, as a means of achieving this. People are obsessed with consumption. This is also evidenced by the huge amounts of loans taken by people, because they no longer have enough of their own funds to continue this continuous process of consuming anything and everything. They go into debt, pay for it with stress and sleepless nights, but continue to consume. This leads to the fact that people consume much more than they need for life, as a result their apartments are more reminiscent of warehouses than dwellings, which also leads to the fact that cluttered houses create cluttered consciousness, because according to Vastu Shastra (ancient Vedic science about placing objects and a person in space), the less free space there is in the room, the less free space there is in the consciousness and more stress, which means more nervous tension in life. Very often people buy things that are completely unnecessary to them and for this reason a huge amount of them are then thrown away. The gigantic amount of thoughtlessly eaten food and almost the same amount of it simply thrown away are also amazing, which is a direct challenge to God who provided people with that food. As a result, people inside and outside and the planet as well are drowning in the trash and dirt created by man.

People are the main cause of the disaster. Life is a reflection of consciousness. Environmental pollution of people’s consciousness creates an ecological catastrophe on earth. Crazy, barbaric and insatiable consumption has already reached its limit. It is interesting that the first reaction of authorities around the world was the implementation of quarantines, to one degree or another, which led to a halt in the economies, that is, the production of goods and services. As a result, air, water and earth became cleaner, birds and animals appeared, in a word, nature came to life. One of the goals of the arrival of coronavirus is to stop this greedy, wild and morbid consumption and make people think that you can’t live like that anymore. You cannot become happy from the frenetic search for pleasures and uncontrolled consumption; you cannot buy happiness. In fact, happiness is a state of consciousness that comes from within, and therefore you need to look inside yourself and create it there, and not try to replace it with something from outside. This is exactly what Sanatana Dharma teaches.

But here I remain pessimistic, unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. People, as always, will not understand anything, and when the crisis is over, they will again rush to consume, only more to catch up with the time lost. The stress will pass, the depression caused by isolation will end and everything will return to normal. History only teaches that it teaches nothing. And so new, even more terrible pandemics and natural disasters will come, and this will continue until people either draw the proper conclusions and change, or …. It will end very, very bad. The rehearsal is already taking place. Therefore, as I say: “today is worse than yesterday, but better than tomorrow.”

Guru Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba

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