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Shiva Nādī Sanhita

A unique opportunity to get acquainted with the legendary palm leaves in our Center! Reading and consultations take place online.

Palm leaves are the mystical aspect of Jyotish Veda (Vedic astrology) in the tradition of Shiva Nadi, which is a collection of various information about past and future lives of people, containing amazing details about the past, present and detailed description, in chronological order, future events in real life, amazing details of a person’s biography, special tools for changing future events and much much more.

According to Vedic mythology, about 5500 years ago, Shiva compiled and told his wife Shakti horoscopes and a complete description of the life of a certain number of people who will live on earth. In the tradition of Shiva Nadi, these descriptions have survived to the present day in the form of texts written on palm leaves, hence their name. These leaves are rewritten every few hundred years, and thanks to this they have survived to the present day.

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Practical information for those who opened their leaves and make Upaya.

How correctly to do Upaya (compensation measures), indicated in the 13th and 14th Kandamas of the palm leaves of Shiva Nadi Sanhita.
If, due to various reasons, you have to make Upaya in the bedroom or in the kitchen, then each time before the ritual begins you need to perform the following compensatory actions:

  1. In a silver cup, which you did not use before, pour a little water, add a small pinch of Turmeric. This cup and a jar with Curcuma you should use only for these purposes. Prepared water with Turmeric must be sprinkled on the floor in the room where you are going to make Upaya (in the bedroom or in the kitchen).
  2. Before Pratima (image), Murthy (figure) or Yantra of any Dev or Davy, 54 times read the Mantra “Om mādhavāya namaha”. You can read this Mantra without the offer of Prasad (fruits, vegetarian sweets), but if you whish, then Prasad can be used.

After these actions, you can begin to make Upaya, indicated in palm leaves.
Doing Upaya in the bedroom is possible only if you alone sleep in this bedroom. If you live with a partner, then you can not make Upaya in the bedroom.


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