Who invented such a mocking word “self-isolation”? What kind of “self-isolation” it is when efforts to communicate with others can result in a big fine. “Self-isolation” contradicts the very nature of the most people who seek communication at any cost. No, this is not “self-isolation”, but in fact forced isolation (with far-reaching consequences for residents of some countries) or, simply, house arrest. But outside the window is a terrible virus, and other people can become a source of a dreadful disease and possibly death.
As a result, people found themselves locked in their own homes and left alone with themselves and their nears or dears, if any. But the process of seclusion turned out to be very difficult for many, since all of a sudden, communication was gone, and it turned out that they are not interesting and needed for themselves, they also did not have a common language and understanding with relatives and close ones, as a result, people fell into deep depression. This whole situation has revealed the full degree of hopeless loneliness of people and a deep sense of their helplessness and uselessness. Close people were not at all close, and often even the opposite is the case, very far away they are. Hence, such a large number of disappointments, misunderstandings and finally divorces. This mutual incomprehension gave rise to despair, and it, in turn, caused an unprecedented surge in domestic violence – another problem of an enclosed space in which, by the will of fate, these unfortunate people appeared.
Any crisis, and the coronavirus epidemic is a real crisis, and even of a global scale, reveals all the hidden problems of people. The trouble is that people absolutely do not know how to solve these problems. They are trying to get out of this situation, trying to watch more TV, play and chat on the Internet, participate in some stupid Internet events, finally start renovation and do some more damn things, just to distract from their terrible thoughts. That is because the worst thing for them is to remain alone and in silence with their own oppressive thoughts.
In fact, all these attempts will lead to nothing, moreover, they will make the situation even more sad. Why? Very simple, because nothing outside can ever fill in the inner void. Only spiritual development and the transformation of consciousness caused by it, alone and exclusively, can do this. An individual must understand that his/her life is a reflection of his/her consciousness, and until he/she begins to change this consciousness, nothing will change in his/her life. Quarantine is a unique opportunity to look inside yourself and to start this process.
For some time, a unique situation has arisen when that what people pursued for so much in their lives has become less and it turned out that without all this, called material goods, one can live and that not only in pleasures, things and their quantity so-called happiness resides, but there is something else, without which, it turns out, it is very difficult to live. And that is the meaning of your life. Ask yourself existential questions: why am I living? what is the meaning of my life? where am I going? Who am I?
Thank God there is the system on earth that has been existing for thousands of years, ready to come to your help and it is called Sanatana Dharma or, in short, Yoga – the science of life and how to live in it and, if necessary, change everything. Now, thanks to Corona virus, there is the great opportunity to do this.
Viruses come themselves and leave themselves, controlled by Karma only, they do not care about all the measures that the authorities take to fight them, on the contrary, these measures only strengthen them. Viruses are God’s tools. Therefore, viruses have always been, are and will be and humanity will never succeed in defeating them. In fact there is no need to win over them, it is necessary to draw conclusions from the messages they bring to people. I already wrote about one such conclusion in the first article on this subject. Viruses are messengers of God who come to say: “You cannot live like that,” or probably for many, “still you can,” only then, as I say, “complain to a barber’s shop.”
Guru Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba
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