As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, almost all people on Earth suddenly found themselves in a completely new reality. The invisible enemy has knocked down all of humanity and has shown the complete helplessness of man in front of this virus, visible only through a powerful electron microscope. In addition to the recommendations to stay at home, keep a distance and wear a mask so as not to infect other people, there are no recommendations on what to do in order not to get sick. Most importantly, there are no directions as to how to recover in case of illness. The fact is, no recovery guidelines existed before, there are not any now, and it is openly recognized everywhere. At the same time, everyone hopes that a miraculous vaccine or magic medicine will arrive soon. However, until now, for decades, for some reason, they have not come into existence, people expect that some magical pills will suddenly appear in a few months and will magically solve the problem.
Everything is as it has been hundreds of years ago when epidemics of plague, cholera, and other infectious diseases mowed down tens and hundreds of millions of people, and the salvation was in the hands of those in danger. Nothing has changed in principle over the centuries. Nevertheless, now, thank God, it is not a plague or cholera, but just ordinary flu and, it seems, we are still in the 21st century. God forbid, the plague would come now; it’s scary to imagine what would happen. The reality would be like then, only worse. Just like hundreds of years ago, today, people are left alone with the disease.
The problem here, as indeed, always and everywhere, is a pathological inability to distinguish cause from effect. The bottom line is that the cause of this epidemic is not a virus, but people’s lifestyle. Above all, their diet, a diet that is based on the consumption of corpses. According to Ayurveda, for a disease to appear, first of all, there has to be Ama (‘Ama’ -Sanskrit – undigested food) that forms most from eating corpses. Yes, let us name them what they are – corpses. People must understand that they do not eat some abstract meat and sausage and other products; they eat actual corpses because to make these meat dishes, one must first kill the animals.
Naturally, if we want to prevent the appearance of similar and other diseases, then we must not place people six feet apart in an attempt to prevent the consequences. We must eliminate the cause, that is, change the diet.
In this matter, I remain a pessimist and do not believe that it will be possible to do it someday, which means that such epidemics will repeat further and will take more and more lives, and no vaccinations and medicines will help.
Such mass diseases are always a manifestation of collective Karma. Viruses, microbes, and bacteria are tools of this Karma. Quarantines will not help, and the proof is a simple fact – some people get sick while in quarantine or even without contacting anyone at all, while others who are in the thick of infected people still do not get sick. This is because the virus is in space everywhere and turns on according to its Karmic program, and then everything depends on the strength of the person’s immune system, which in turn is determined by what this person eats.
People who are karmically and physically clogged fall ill, and if one is more or less “clean,” then you will not get sick at all or get sick minimally. The decisive role here is played by Karma and the degree of contamination of the body by Ama. Vaccines, medicines, and quarantines have never in history been able to defeat Karma, do not help now and will not help in the future. Karma will always prevail.
This virus should, to one degree or another, “touch” every inhabitant of the Earth. It is the purpose of its appearance. Those people who were supposed to die and for whom this virus “came” will die one way or another. The rest will be ill with them with varying degrees of severity or even stay healthy. However, the economy and the well-being of people will suffer the most, which will have a massive impact on their whole future life, and it will affect all the inhabitants of the Earth. It will be incomparably more significant, including the health of people in the future. Significantly more people than now will die from the stress and shocks caused by this crisis.
Therefore, if we want to prevent the emergence of such diseases in the future, then people need to change themselves and their Karma. The first crucial step for this should be refusing to eat corpses. Until then, there is no hope.
Guru Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba
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